Communications Tips

·        ORGANIZE: Organize your thoughts and take a deep breath before talking. This will help keep your transmissions brief.  Also, pause between keying the microphone and talking to allow the repeater to activate.

·        LISTEN: Listen to be sure the frequency is clear before transmitting. Hear Net Control instructions, avoid transmission when "stand by" is given.

·        PRESS: Press transmit key briefly before talking to keep from "clipping" your first words.

·        TALK: Speak slowly and clearly, control your emotions. This helps accurate relay of information and takes less time than having to repeat information.

·        HOLD MICROPHONE: Hold the microphone 2-3 inches away from your mouth to eliminate distortion of your voice.

·        ALLOW TIME: Allow time for priority and emergency communication between your transmissions. Avoid immediately "keying up".

·        LONG COMMUNICATIONS: Break your transmission into 20-30 second segments to allow for (a) questions, (b) clarifications, and (c) emergency transmissions.

·        CHECK IN WITH NET CONTROL: Give your opening report of conditions. Hold additional comments to a minimum unless (a) the situation worsens, (b) an emergency arises, or (c) Net Control requests updated information.


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