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Use of the KC Northland ARES website implies an understanding of and agreement with the terms of use as described here.  The website is an informational tool designed to provide members of the group, amateur operators, and the community in general with information related to the group's activities.  Membership in the group is required for those wishing to provide content to the website.  Membership in Northland ARES requires a background check by a designated law enforcement agency and registration on the group's website (www.kcnorthares.org). 

Any Northland ARES member can provide news content to the news blog.  The news blog however is moderated and any items submitted are subject to the approval of the news moderators as well as the group's editorial rules as defined herein. 

Items submitted for the news blog should be clear and concise and should contain the basic who, what, where, and when elements.  If a news item has a contact name and other contact information, that information should be provided as well.  Submissions should be factual and should not contain political or other personal opinions or commentary, vulgar language, or otherwise derogatory or inflammatory subject matter.  We are not a political, social, or personal blog site.  We are an amateur radio/public support informational service. 

Calendar items are accepted from all members.  Calendar items should briefly address the event, the location, dates and times, contact information, and any special instructions related to the event (talk-in frequency, detours, etc.)  Calendar items deemed inappropriate will be removed and the member making the post may lose membership privileges in the group.

Those members given access to membership information must use such information in accordance with the privacy policy.  No member information is to be used for personal purposes or given to anyone outside of Northland ARES.

Membership in KC Northland ARES can be revoked at any time at the discretion of the group's leadership. 

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