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SET 2018

Simulated Emergency Test

Saturday,  October 6th 8AM to 1PM


EX Plan Download:

Northland ARES Players Handbook 2018_DRAFT_V1 .0.doc

MECC SET 2018 Exercise Plan Draft 092418.docx

tt Number Assignments.pdf

APRStt Options.pdf





REGIONAL NET     Primary      146.940

PRIMARY VOICE NET  REPEATER OPERATIONS  PLATTE/CLAY COUNTIES                                             

Primary      146.790  (pl 107.2)      Secondary  147.330  (open)


            Primary      444.550  (pl 100.0)      Secondary  147.330  (open)


Net Control Manager Primary net log  Opened from Smithville FS#2 EOC


        Net Control Manager SUB-NET of Primary net log

Note: Each facility will be instructed to open a sub-net of the Primary net log.

At the end of the SET operation ICS-214 reports will be extracted for AAR report.

Exercise Date:  October  6, 2018     

Time: 8:00am till 1:00pm   (unless ends earlier)


Scenario –The planning team has chosen CCTA (Complex Coordinated Terrorist Attack)

There are many different scenarios to choose from and each jurisdiction can decide what works best for them. We will start the regional exercise at the point where the EM has activated the    EOC and amateur radio has been activated to support the jurisdiction.

Clay County

  An “EXPLOSION”  has occurred at the Pleasant Valley Baptist church  in the Liberty, Mo. This has occurred as church members were leaving morning services.  Law enforcement, Fire services, and recovery teams will be involved in the process of Search & Rescue.  A high volume of traffic on the public service communications system has triggered Law Enforcement to request Amateur radio ARES services be established to handle  Logistical & Reunification functions. The use of Voice/Digital communications will be the focus .

Platte County

  An “ACTIVE SHOOTER” event has been reported at the Zona Rosa shopping center in the North land enforcement and emergency services has established a perimeter around the area. Law enforcement teams have began the process of identifying each person and moving them to a Reunification center. Law enforcement is experiencing high volumes of communications traffic.             A request to activate the North land ARES to handle communications at the Command Center. The Reunification center will begin listing all vetted personal, Excel spreadsheets will be established to maintain records of all personal status. Voice & Digital communications will handle the transfer of data from the area to EOC's.

§  Support of Public Service Organizations during a disaster situation.

§  Operational Communications  

       o     VHF voice, VHF/HF Digital, WinLink

o   Including the use of FSQcall / Fldigi-FLmsg

o   Including APRStt for location positioning and mapping

§  Operational Coordination

§  Situational Assessment and Conditions Reporting

Exercise Introduction:

September 27th - Pre-SET Briefing  – North land ARES Monthly Meeting

We will utilize this meeting to:

·         Review this Handbook

·         Answer any questions we can, with limited detail so as to support a valid test of our capabilities.

·         Distribute injects to participants

·         Ask participants to sign up for the event to provide credit hours for our jurisdiction

October 6th - SET EVENT

On the morning of October 6, 2018, a text-caster message will be sent to the North land ARES Team to put them on stand-by for the SET and give initial instructions for participation.


Amateur radio operators are at home and have been notified via text-caster to standby to report in to your local nets. You are requested to follow the instructions in the injects provided for you at the Pre-SET Planning Meeting on September 27.

After SET Participant Feedback:

·         On Repeater 146.79 special post-SET Net

o   Prepare to discuss 3 things you think worked well and 3 things that need improvement

·         Completion of the online survey – we will use this information to create the After Action Reports of our Jurisdiction’s SET experience.

Exercise  Artificiality  and  Assumptions

In any exercise, assumptions and artificiality may be necessary to complete play in the time allotted and/or account for logistical limitations.  Exercise participants should accept that assumptions and artificiality are inherent in any exercise, and should not allow these considerations to negatively impact their participation.

One of the artificiality's involved this year will be the time jump of 72 hours assumed after Part 1 of the exercise.   In reality this is expected to be from approximately 9 till 11pm.  We will use the remainder of the time for Part 2, but expect to be totally flexible with time as needed.

Communications Reminders

All spoken and written communication will start and end with the statement, “THIS IS AN EXERCISE.

It is important that we remind anyone who might be monitoring the frequencies that we are conducting an exercise only.

Real World Emergencies:

Real world emergencies take priority over exercise events.  If an actual emergency occurs, declare a REAL WORLD EMERGENCY and await instructions from the exercise leadership.

You should use “Break, Break” to break into the Net to declare an emergency.

Instructions for Scenarios:

EOC and Shelter Support

When you receive the text-caster message you will stand-by for the Net opening.  When the net is open for check-ins, you should:

§  Provide a verbal check-in for your home location.

§  Advise Net Control of your availability for deployment and indicate if you are credentialed.   

§  Enter your Code for APRStt or verbally provide your grid square for your home location.

§  Follow procedures as outlined in your North land ARES Deployment Manual.

§  You will need to be prepared to show up-to-date ARES credentials for review and approval at the location where you are deployed.  (some artificiality might be involved).

§  Determine how you’re going to set up your equipment to complete your assignment.  This may be nothing more than a handheld, or you may choose to work from the mobile in your car. 

§  If you have a Go Kit, now is the time to deploy and use it.  Radio operators should set up in the parking lot to avoid disrupting normal church activities.

§  Once you have setup your station, notify Net control that you’re on site and follow the instructions given in your inject.

§  Once you have reported your findings based on your inject, notify Net control that you are available for another assignment and proceed as directed.

§  Remember to check out at the end of your assignments.

o   You will be notified by Net Control when the exercise is officially ending, so you will know when to check out.

Part 3:  - Participant Feedback

§  Join on Repeater 146.79 for a special post-SET Net

o   Prepare to discuss 3 things you think worked well and 3 things that need improvement

o   Rick will act as Net Control and Deb will log your feedback

o   Feedback needed for discussion in the MECC Hot wash at 3pm the day of the SET.

§  Participant Feedback Form:

o   We will use an online Survey to report participant feedback this year.  The link to the site will be published under the “SET 2018” link MECC SET 2018 Exercise Plan Draft 092418 at the top of this document

o   It is critical that we get your feedback as soon after the SET as you can provide it.   This information will be reviewed in the metro-wide meeting after the SET and will be needed before 3 pm that day.  Please take a few minutes to give your feedback immediately.

Exercise Objectives:

§  Demonstrate operational coordination and operational communications by use of our established Net procedures and Deployment Manual. 

§  Demonstrate support of Public Service Organizations, such as EOC’s and public shelters and animal shelters, using our established communications procedures.

§  Demonstrate the ability to provide situational assessments and conditions reporting in a disaster situation.

§  Learn from the use of FSQcall and identify any issues during its use.

§  Learn from the use of Fldigi-FLmsg and identify any issues during its use.

§  Learn from the use of APRStt and identify any issues during its use.

§  Learn and HAVE FUN!


DO NOT FORGET TO START & END EVERY MESSAGE WITH THE WORDS “THIS IS AN EXERCISE”.  It is important that we remind anyone who might be monitoring the frequencies that we are conducting an exercise only.


TT Status Codes:  APRStt Options.pdf

APRStt Codes: tt Number Assignments.pdf



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