SET 2015

SET 2015

After Action Meeting

Saturday, October 10 - 10:00 am - Noon

Red Cross Chapter, 211 W Armour Blvd   KC, MO

All participants are welcome!   



Saturday, OCT 3 -   9am till 1:00pm

The time is coming soon!  Hope you are all excited to participate!    

LATEST UPDATES 10/01/2015:

1.  Link to the Participant Feedback Form online:

2.  Updated "APRStt Codes by Operator pdf posted below.

3.  Be aware you can conduct your warming shelter support "virtually" from home by simulating you are actually at a warming shelter.  You do not actually have to deploy to check in for warming shelter support. 


The SET 2015 will be based on an ice storm:

  • Part 1 will be based on a sheltering-in-place scenario:
    • You can participate by verbally checking in based on your home county and also...
  • We are introducing you to the use of APRStt for the SET, as we think there will be value in its use in emergency communications in the future.
    • All you will need to enter for APRStt will be your ID Code Keith has assigned to you and then #.  See the PDF below for a list of codes.  When you enter this ID Code and #, it will put you on the map for -  at your home location.                   
    • If you have not yet received a code for APRStt and you intend to participate in the SET in October, please email him at
  • Part 2 will involve simulations of warming shelter support that will happen 72 hours (artificially) later.  You can simulate warming shelter support from your home.   Await call-out instructions from Net Control per our normal operating procedures.
  • Part 3 We will have a special net for feedback and use an online survey for participant feedback after the Event, so you do not have to leave your home. You will still be able to play and provide feedback using the link posted to this site under Attachments below.    


  • Any questions or issues, please get in touch with me at or keith at
Thank you. 
 Link to the Participant Feedback Form online:


GRID SQUAREs from DTMF.pdf - more APRStt instructions


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