The ARRL Letter June 23, 2016


  • Amateur Radio Parity Act Set for House Energy and Commerce Committee Markup
  • FCC Technological Advisory Council Initiates Noise Floor Inquiry
  • ARRL Executive Committee Removes NTS Eastern Area Chair, Eastern Pennsylvania Section Manager
  • ARRL Programs and Services Committee Expresses Appreciation, Support of NTS
  • ARRL Programs and Services Committee Appoints Bud Hippisley, W2RU, as NTS™ Eastern Area Chair
  • The Doctor Will See You Now!
  • National Parks on the Air Update
  • Amateur Radio Roundtable to Offer Field Day Webcast from Sites across the US
  • ARES Teams Stand Down in Wake of Dog Head Fire Activation in New Mexico
  • FCC Says "No" to Lifetime Amateur Radio Licenses
  • Confirmed Tornado in Maryland Downs Tower at W3LPL Contest Station
  • STMSat-1 Youngsters Told: "Only Half of the CubeSats Deployed into Space Work"
  • The K7RA Solar Update
  • This Week in Radiosport
  • Upcoming ARRL Section, State, and Division Conventions
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