The ARRL Letter June 16, 2016


  • ARRL Now Offering New "Radio and Wireless Technology" Patch Program for Girl Scouts
  • FCC Turns Away Petition to Permit Experimental Operation on Amateur Bands
  • Polish DXer 3Z9DX Reported Ready to Return to North Korea on a Moment's Notice
  • Three Radio Amateurs on the ISS Head Home on June 18
  • National Parks on the Air Update
  • The Doctor Will See You Now!
  • Gear Up for ARRL Field Day with Official Merchandise
  • Kids Day is Saturday, June 18
  • "The Magic Band" Lives Up to its Name in ARRL June VHF Contest
  • White House Honors Limor Fried, AC2SN, Among "Champions of Change for Making"
  • Well-Known DXer, DXpeditioner Milt Jensen, N5IA, Dies in Fall from Tower
  • Nepal Radio Amateur Describes Earthquake Response Effort at West Coast Gathering
  • Europe's "Dayton" -- Ham Radio 2016 (Friedrichshafen) -- Takes Place June 24-26
  • The K7RA Solar Update
  • This Week in Radiosport
  • Upcoming ARRL Section, State, and Division Conventions
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