The ARRL Letter March 31, 2016

ARRL Asks FCC to Restore Balance of Modes on 80 and 75 Meters "ARRL The Doctor is In" -- the Podcast -- Debuts on April 7 ARRL to Review, Evaluate, and Explore Possible Improvements for OO Program National Parks on the Air Update Major DXpeditions Cooperating to Minimize Conflicts ARRL Okays P5/3Z9DX North Korea Operation for DXCC Kingman Reef (KH5) Deleted from DXCC List "Discover the HF Experience" Aims to Dazzle Technicians, Newcomers ISS Expedition 47/48 Crew Increment Includes Two Radio Amateurs "Elmer" Inspiration, Elmer "Bud" Frohardt Jr, W9DY, SK Comedian, Actor, TV Writer and Personality Garry Shandling, ex-KD6OY, SK In Brief... The K7RA Solar Update This Week in Radiosport Upcoming ARRL Section, State, and Division Conventions and Events

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