The ARRL Letter August 27, 2015


  • ARRL President Expects Parity Act House Bill Cosponsorships to Top 100 Soon
  • Amateur Radio Volunteers Face Fire Threat While Supporting Emergency Communication
  • FCC Universal Licensing System, Other Applications to be Down for Maintenance
  • FCC Proposes to Fine Ohio Radio Amateur for Malicious Interference, Failure to Identify
  • Two Incumbents Face Opposition in 2015 ARRL Director, Vice Director Election Cycle
  • Outcome for 5 MHz at WRC-15 Remains in Limbo
  • IARU Reiterates Commitment to Coordinate Satellites Only Within International Band Plans
  • In Brief...
  • The K7RA Solar Update
  • Just Ahead in Radiosport
  • Upcoming ARRL Section, State, and Division Conventions and Events
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    Posted by Arthur on
    Hello, Just reading thgoruh this topic of HAM radio for survival. I have a deep concern about being able to reach my wife and children in the event of emergency and suspect that cell phones will be useless. I looked into small, hand held HAM units, almost like a walkie-talkie, and wonder about the range. I work 25 miles from home, would a HAM hand held unit cover that distance to communicate with my wife at home?Thank you,Patrick Minns
    Posted by Balwinderbajwa on
    Curious how much are the FT-60 or FT-8800 with the group buy? I outfitted my Jeep last year with a FT-7900 since it was aaliavble for around $150 less at the time, had the same power output on 2m and a bit more on 70cm than the 8800 and backlit buttons which were handy for nite operation. The 8800 allows cross-band repeater capability and dual-band RX operation, but in a mobile rig those didn't seem as critical. Either rig would be a great addition for folks. At some point I should take the General exam
    Posted by Restu on
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