The ARRL ARES E-Letter August 19,2015


  • ARES® Supports 60,000 Runners in Atlanta for Peachtree Road Race
  • LZ Drill in Washington State: Joint Emergency Exercises Work on a Small Scale
  • Anatomy of a CERT: East Lake (West Central Florida) CERT
  • Letters: An Emergency Paging Method
  • Letters: Georgia County Interfaces with Emergency Management via Planning Committee
  • Letters: San Diego Winlink Net Marks Five Years
  • ARRL Staff Developing Patch Display at HQ; Send in your Group's Patch!
  • Connecticut ARES Region Conducts Simplex Test
  • Georgia Group to Conduct 9/11 Memorial Special Event
  • Remembering Hurricane Katrina Ten Years Ago This Month
  • To read the full letter go to:
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