The ARRL Letter July 16, 2015


  • ARRL Board of Directors to Meet July 17-18
  • The Amateur Radio Parity Act of 2015: Politicians Do Listen, ARRL President Says
  • IARU Member-Societies Conducting Second Kosovo Vote; Burundi Admitted
  • ARISS Initiates Fundraising Effort, Offers "Challenge Coin" Keepsake
  • SSTV Images from Space Will Commemorate 40th Apollo-SoyuzMission Anniversary
  • Inexpensively Made Satellite Closing in on 2 Years in Orbit and Still Ticking
  • Remotely Controlled VY1AAA Puts Northern Territories on the Air for Field Day, Canada Day
  • New Horizons Phones Home
  • In Brief...
  • The K7RA Solar Update
  • Just Ahead in Radiosport
  • Upcoming ARRL Section, State, and Division Conventions and Events
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    Posted by Pitz on
    disse:A duvida que feuqii e9 se eles querem o camarada aqui em terra ou le1 no espae7o ?O que voces acham ?De qualquer forma e9 interessantes escolas brasileiras tentar se candidatar.
    Posted by Bruno on
    Marcio disse:Parabe9ns ao membro da NASA que este1 lrmdeanbo que Re1dio Amador existe e que e9 membro fatil a comunidade.Querem me hospedar na Estae7e3o Espacial ja sou um candidato.PU5DKV
    Posted by Jacky on
    If you can't be arssed no doing the tax but want to make a goose of yoeslurf pretending that not doing the census is worth a damn go ahead and pretend you are being principled. You aint being principled doing that my man. All you are doing is pretending. Posing. Taking an intellectual wank in public and spoofing all over your own trouser leg. You ar only doing the census in because you reckon it'll only cost a little penalty. If it was the punishment for not doing the census was 5 years in the can and many strokes of the Singapore jail cane, then, all yous posers would fill it in right away. There would be noe pretending of "principled" because there is no principle here. You want principle, grow some.Amit Cim [url=]edlgvda[/url] [link=]epjtysmisqy[/link]
    Posted by Rahul on
    - Forwarded message -From: Debbie Tomasovic Date: Sat, May 26, 2012 at 10:07 AMSubject: DV rescarehTo: Marna,Below are two emails from Eric Mankowski, Ph.D. with PSU regarding his interpretations of some of the recent DV effectiveness rescareh. He will be one of our keynote speakers at the August NW Association of Domestic Violence Treatment Providers in Vancouver. Thank you for being open to receiving this input.Debbie Tomasovic, LMFTA Better Way CounselingDomestic Violence Treatment ProviderVancouver, WashingtonDebbie,I have been out of town and away from email, so sorry for the delayed response. Yes, you can forward my email. It's important also to note, which I did not below, that Gondolf's finding of the 50% reduction in re-assault among program attenders held even after statistically controlling for demographic characteristics, and personality and behavioral differences among the attenders vs. drop outs. The reduction in re-assault cannot be explained by demographic differences in those who attend vs. drop out.Finally, please note that I mistakenly wrote below about the California study as showing promising outcomes in Oregon , which should have been California .-EricOn Thu, May 17, 2012 at 9:56 AM, Debbie Tomasovic wrote:I appreciate your thoughtful response. May I forward this and or your follow up email on Monday to Marna Miller? Debbie Tomasovic
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