The ARRL ARES E-Letter June 17, 2015


  • Hurricane Season 2015: Florida Statewide Hurricane Exercise Helps ARES Plan, Prepare
  • Hurricane Center Station Tests Positive
  • Exercise Regimen of City ARES/RACES Group in California, A Model of Excellence
  • New Workbook/Workshops are Part Mission Critical in Texas
  • Letters: ARES/SAR Operations Save Lives in New Mexico
  • ARRL Eastern Pennsylvania Section: A Hotbed of Public Events, Service
  • Santa Clara County (California) ARES/RACES Mesh Networking for Event/Incident Response
  • K1CE for a Final
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    Posted by Bablu on
    Thanks for my second QRP conatct ever! Calling CQ on 7120 kHz I was answered by K8BMI; however, the receive fading was so bad that I only copied part of the msg. However it was good enough to log conatct. Rig here was SMK-2 from a kit, 320 milliwatts, dipole 15 , using a tiny vintage WWII pilot's straight key.Cheery regards from Bloomington, Indiana. John Burgoon KC9TUI
    Posted by Abdo on
    you are correct it is Hamvention 2012 to me it areapps to be Saturday morning possibly i cannot exactly tell but i am guessing from my truck location and shadow length. Also thanks for bringing this to the attention of all the hams out there at follow you i noticed you post on twitter when I was searching HamventionthanksJoe ShelineKD8AQHHamvention Golf Carts Asst Chair
    Posted by Madeline on
    Linda,I added the Sacramento Mts. Radio Club to the Organization tab (south east New Mexico) I just put in the data from the ARRL web site. If you want to identify an edtoir from your club I can set them up with an account and you can add more content to your page.I also added your monthly club meeting to the event calendar.Please check both when you have time and let me know if there are errors.On the repeater issue is the incorrect data on the Upper Rio site? If so you will need to contact them.-Mike, k5atm [url=]pcncrf[/url] [link=]vlqsgrwot[/link]
    Posted by Ravisinh on
    The antenna on the oeenpr in thegarage is not positioned correctly to receive the signal from the remote. The remote battery(s) are dead ..or if the door does not open at all then the GFI recepticle that is wired in the same circuit is tripped. Eric
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