The ARRL Letter December 17, 2015


  • ARRL CEO David Sumner, K1ZZ, to Keynote ARRL National Convention Banquet
  • Radio Amateurs of Canada Honors Past ARRL, IARU President Larry Price, W4RA
  • Florida Ham Agrees to Penalty for Failure to Identify
  • New Section Manager Appointed in Alaska
  • Nominations Solicited for Six ARRL Awards
  • See How You Can Earn a $50 Credit for Supporting ARRL!
  • ARRL Rookie Roundup is Just Ahead
  • Astronaut Tim Peake, KG5BVI, to Host First ARISS Video Contact
  • Ohio Amateur Radio Club Donates to Help Needy Families
  • SAQ to Carry on Tradition of Christmas Eve VLF Transmissions
  • Fessenden Christmas Eve Commemorative Transmissions Set
  • UK Telecoms Regulator Revokes 500+ Ham Radio Licenses Not Revalidated by Holders
  • Spanish Radio Amateur Dies in Afghan Violence
  • In Brief...
  • The K7RA Solar Update
  • Just Ahead in Radiosport
  • Upcoming ARRL Section, State, and Division Conventions and Events
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    KC Northland ARES (WØKCN) :: The ARRL Letter December 17, 2015
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    J.P. Morgan Securities upgraded the chipmaker's stock to"overweight" from "neutral", saying the company's productdevelopment and execution over the last 18 months has spurredgrowth in its mobile/wireless and storage markets. Thebrokerage, expecting the company to control costs, raised itsprice target on the stock to $16 from $14.
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    The Rangers’ players made themselves heard loud and clear that Tortorella’s act was no longer acceptable, and Sather surprisingly acted almost immediately on that unrest, led by team MVP Henrik Lundqvist’s unsettling, spoken uncertainty about signing a contract extension when he spoke on breakup day.
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    Massive protests broke out in Hong Kong in the 1980s when China announced its plan to build the Daya Bay nuclear plant just across the border from the city, then under British rule. Fuelled by fears of nuclear accidents following the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster, more than 1 million signatures were collected to register public objections to the construction.
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    Jon Lester had a little something to do with that, going eight innings in the 5-1 victory at Fenway Park, giving Red Sox Nation one more reason to believe this could be a truly remarkable season, perhaps going from 93 losses a year ago to a world championship.
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    Teams of engineers were dispatched by Boeing worldwide toinstall the stronger battery casing and other componentsdesigned to prevent a repeat of the meltdowns that led to thefirst U.S. fleet grounding in 34 years.
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    BEIJING/HONG KONG - China reiterated its opposition on Thursday to a European Union plan to limit airline carbon dioxide emissions and called for talks to resolve the issue a day after its major airlines refused to pay any carbon costs under the new law.
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    In other words, to use an Android phone’s speech features, you frequently have to pick it up, and you always have to look at it, which defeats much of the purpose. The exception: Motorola’s new phones, like the Moto X, can be set to listen all the time.
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    WASHINGTON, Oct 5 (Reuters) - The Pentagon said on Saturdayit would recall most of the roughly 400,000 civilian DefenseDepartment employees sent home during the government shutdown,in a move that could greatly lessen the impact of the shutdownon America's armed forces.
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    The Lumia 1020 follows in the footsteps of the Nokia 808 PureView phone, which was the first phone to sport a 41MP sensor. That phone was one of the last Nokia phones to run the Symbian OS, while the Lumia 1020 is a Windows Phone.
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    Earning the trust of conventional bankgoers requires more than a reassurance from financial institutions that online banking is efficient, less cost-prohibitive and more convenient. Instead, the power other traditional outreach methods, like word-of-mouth, can help shift the opinion of those wary of digital banking.
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    An industry group on Monday reported a fall in contracts topurchase previously-owned U.S. homes in June, after hitting amore than six-year high in May, suggesting that rising mortgagerates were starting to dampen home sales. The data, however, wasbetter than expected.
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    ST. PETERSBURG – Before the Rays tried to stave off elimination for a fourth time in eight days, Joe Maddon explained the challenge his team faced down two games to none against the Red Sox. “We have to turn this boulder around pretty quickly,” Maddon said.
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    Until just a few weeks ago, the summer-long series of America's Cup events looked like a monumental bust. A British Olympic champion sailing for the Swedish team was killed in a training accident in May, calling the safety of the boats into question and forcing contentious rule changes.
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    Serco Group faces a six-week deadline to improve itsperformance and demonstrate "change and corporate renewal" orrisk losing three big government contracts, including its 285million pound ($454 million) prisoner escort contract.
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    *Before you're ready to make your pick-up, go to the Pango app and and hit the "Get My Car" button. Your car should be waiting for you when you get there; your credit card will automatically charged.
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    But Circuit Judge Robert Cowen, writing for the 3rd Circuitmajority, said that while there was "a long history ofprotecting corporations' rights to free speech," there was nosimilar history of protection for the free exercise of religion.
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    "All I'm pointing out is that the way in which this was specifically done was a very clear payback for the fact that I... wasn't able to resist going public on how the police should reopen the investigation into voicemail hacking and the Murdoch press. I was the only frontbencher to do that and maybe it's a coincidence that it's exactly at that time that... the News of the World didn' t just voicemail-hack me it actually put a full-time investigator onto tailing me.
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    The commentary highlighted the recent decision by thePeople's Bank of China to scrap the floor on lending rates,announced on Friday, as one in a sequence of steps to continueto reform the way credit is allocated and risk priced in theworld's second-largest economy.
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    All the cool kids including Cara Delevingne, Alexa Chung, the Olsen sisters and Rihanna have all been going hands-free, slinging statement bags over their shoulders as they hop on and off private jets and strut their stuff down catwalk runways.
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    NEW YORK, July 9 (Reuters) - U.S. stocks rose for the fourthsession in a row on Tuesday as investors bet that companies willbe able to surpass the low bar set for earnings season, leavingroom for better-than-expected results that could drive the rallyfurther.
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