The ARRL ARES E-Letter December 16, 2015


  • Pennsylvania Amateurs Support FEMA Emergency Management Course Exercise
  • Western Washington Amateurs Activated for Landslide
  • Bio Shield 2015 : Martin County (Florida) ARES Drills on Biological Attack
  • Public Service Communications: Know, Communicate, and Maintain the Boundaries
  • Letters: "What You Are Not"
  • South Carolina Flooding: Notes from the Section Manager
  • Group Publishes On-Line Video Library for Disaster Response Training
  • Rapid Deployment Amateur Radio (RaDAR) Challenge
  • Public Service: ARES Supports Ultra Marathon in Florida Panhandle
  • Boston Marathon Communications Committee Seeks Skilled Amateurs for Technical Infrastructure Assistance
  • Department of Homeland Security's Office of Emergency Communications to Provide AUXCOMM Training in Conjunction with Orlando's HamCation® 2016
  • K1CE For a Final
  • To read full letter go to:
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