The ARRL Letter October 08, 2015


  • Now, "Clarity on Parity" -- the Video!
  • Hamvention "Fully Committed" to Hold 2016 Show at Hara Arena
  • ARRL President Congratulates Hurricane Watch Net on its 50th Anniversary
  • ARRL Education & Technology Program Grant Application Deadline Looms
  • New ARRL Handbook , Antenna Book Editions Now Shipping
  • The Alan G. Thorpe, K1TMW, Memorial Scholarship Fund Established
  • Jamboree On The Air 2015 Stations Urged to Register, Report
  • ARRL Delegation to Attend IARU Region 3 Triennial Conference in Indonesia
  • CEPT Conference Preparatory Group Adopts European Common Proposals for WRC-15
  • In Brief
  • The K7RA Solar Update 
  • Just Ahead in Radiosport
  • Upcoming ARRL Section, State, and Division Conventions and Events
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    Posted by Mari on
    Dayton Hamvention captured on Google Maps' 45-degree aeiral view (December 13, 2012) While I was planning a potential trip to the Dayton Hamvention next year, I was looking around on Google Maps and I flipped on the satellite view over Hara Arena and much to my surprise it was a view of the 2012 Dayton Hamvention flea market. It was later confirmed by a member of the Hamvention committee member.
    Posted by Taty on
    you are correct it is Hamvention 2012 to me it aprpeas to be Saturday morning possibly i cannot exactly tell but i am guessing from my truck location and shadow length. Also thanks for bringing this to the attention of all the hams out there at follow you i noticed you post on twitter when I was searching HamventionthanksJoe ShelineKD8AQHHamvention Golf Carts Asst Chair
    Posted by Dayyan on
    I understand that there may be a prlboem in the future with supply of the LCD for the 817 and supposedly there is recognition at Yaesu of the need for a re-working of this great little rig. Apparently, no R&D has begun yet.If Yaesu were to bring out an 817 replacement in a couple of years, it would certainly give them time to assess the competition (in particular the KX3) and know where to position their rig in the marketplace. Would it have a traditional receiver architecture, or be SDR-based? I sold mine last year and used the proceeds to help finance a K2, but from time to time, I do miss that little rig. The sturdy sub-chassis and professional finish made it a rugged little QRP do-it-all workhorse.Sure, it doesn't have the best front-end and the RX current is a bit high for a portable rig, but it crams all modes from 160 up to 70cm into that little package, which is still pretty amazing, even in 2012. I'm almost wishing I hadn't sold mine now Jerry! [url=]ouflmmma[/url] [link=]jejqveep[/link]
    Posted by Jhonel on
    Interesting. I wonder if a dual-band 222/902 MHz or a silnge band 902 MHz mobile rig is far behind? My future intention, if I ever come up with the money, is to outfit a Chevy Suburban with a Kenwood TS-B2000X with the RC-2000 remote head for HF/6m/2m/70cm/23cm, and an Alinco DR235TMKIII for 222MHz. If a DR-935T for 902MHz were available, I'd gladly add that as well. It would be so much easier to program a radio like this while on cross-country roadtrip, which I prefer over flying, than a modified commercial radio. (I also want an AM/SSB CB radio, a MURS radio, and a GMRS radio as well. Too bad there currently are no mobile MURS specific or GMRS specific radios with fixed channelization and field programmable CTCSS/DCS.) Anyway, I'm going to keep watching for more info on this and any other new offerings.John H. GuethermanKB7MIBPeoria, AZ
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